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As of December 26th, 2016, there are 680 published posts. As I wrote in September, “All I have to do now is make every post accessible and worth the visit.That ‘all’ involves a sprucing-up of 640 posts. An elephant could get pregnant and give birth in less time.”

2016/12/24 Breaking Wild Breaking wild
2016/12/23 Merry Christmas, Messrs Deming happenings
2016/12/15 I talk the walk God
2016/12/02 Eye-witness Happenings
2016/11/30 White and Black Politics Reminiscence, Family
2016/11/18 The girl who rocked the Government Sex Reminiscence, Politics
2016/11/11 From the Gone Past Books I’ve learned from
2016/11/08 The legend of honey Books Dogma
2016/10/29 How I came to inhabit this body Family Dreams
2016/10/27 The Sellout Books I’ve learned from America
2016/10/24 More Words Intent Ledborough Road, Loitering
2016/10/20 “Just Words” Intent Bob Dylan, Nobel Prize, Photo-essay, The Chilterns
2016/10/19 Just Pix Photo-essay The Chilterns
2016/10/18 Four Weddings and a Funeral Happenings Fernando Pessoa, Health & illness, knowing oneself
2016/10/17 Factless Autobiography Renewal
2016/10/16 A day of Rest Photo-essay The Chilterns
2016/10/15 Yesterday, continued Blessings Happenings, Health & illness
2016/10/14 “Overall, how do you feel?” happenings happenings, Working life, Blogosphere
2016/10/13 Saving a few yesterdays The Chilterns The Chilterns, Working life, Writing, Pride
2016/10/12 stream of consciousness Rambling Rambling, Books, Choicelessness
2016/10/11 Lysistrata Books Sex, Literature
2016/10/10 Love fallen and redeemed Theology Theology, Writing, Religion, Sex
2016/10/09 The Red Book Theology Theology, Books, Religion
2016/10/08 Black Books Dreams Dreams, Books
2016/10/07 Mistakes & might-have-beens Might-have-beens Might-have-beens, Isle of Wight, Cowes, Jaunts
2016/09/13 Living in a body Happenings Happenings, Beyond the I
2016/09/03 Figure in a landscape Happenings Happenings, Beyond the I
2016/08/24 On Not-Doing Not-doing Not-doing, Working life, Zen
2016/08/10 Grace & Effort Writing Writing, Gurus
2016/07/24 A Manhattan Odyssey Books books, Brian Spaeth
2016/07/24 Brexit dream #2 *: Fair Weather Friend Dreams Dreams, Brexit
2016/07/24 How we got here, where we go next Writing Writing, Brexit, Trial & Error
2016/07/24 The Cycle of Imperfection Writing Writing, Trial & Error
2016/07/24 The unnamed road Rambling Rambling, The Chilterns
2016/07/09 Brexit dream #3: Sea Slug Soup in Brussels Dreams Dreams, Brexit
2016/07/03 . . . Until the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse land at Heathrow Transcripts Transcripts, Politics, Brexit
2016/06/26 Beggars and choosers The Chilterns The Chilterns, Brexit
2016/06/25 England’s green and pleasant land The Chilterns The Chilterns, Brexit
2016/06/13 Anniversary Revisions Revisions, Moments
2016/06/06 Referendum Dreams Dreams, Politics, Brexit
2016/06/04 Something useful in the world Dreams Dreams, Working life, Disinterestedness
2016/06/04 What to do Writing Writing, Not-knowing, Literature, Muse
2016/05/07 Sources of inspiration Rambling Rambling, Writing, Books, Serendipity, Muse
2016/03/24 Brussels Jaunts Holiday trips, Brussels, Literature, Holocaust
2016/03/05 While I can . . . because I can Literature Literature, Writing, Holocaust
2016/02/27 When love conquers fear Literature Books, Early childhood, Might-have-beens, Literature, Holocaust
2016/02/22 Secret Strength Blessings Blessings, Literature, Holocaust
2016/02/11 That which is unchosen The Chilterns The Chilterns, Blessedness, Eternity, Gurus, Choicelessness
2016/01/29 The nature of the “I” Knowing oneself Knowing oneself, Beyond the I
2016/01/18 I don’t know Not knowing Not knowing
2016/01/13 Cuttings Rambling Rambling, Knowing oneself, Technology, Blessedness
2015/12/25 Chance Encounters Knowing oneself Knowing oneself, Chance Encounters, Technology, Pride, Old age, DIY
2015/12/04 Many Are the Ways Jaunts Jaunts, The Chilterns, blessedness
2015/10/15 Indefinite Sabbatical the Blogosphere the Blogosphere, Happenings
2015/10/06 Hannah Arendt on Action Books Books, Literature, Human nature
2015/10/01 My Life as Art Art Art, Moments, Happenings, Doing
2015/09/22 Life and Art Writing Writing, The Blogosphere, Literature, Art, Rambling
2015/09/16 England Have My Bones Rambling Rambling, Books, Church of England, The Chilterns, Islam, Jaunts, Pastels
2015/09/03 Tsundoku Writing Writing, Books, Dreams, Happenings
2015/08/30 True Pride Pride Pride, Beyond the I, Nietzsche, Pessoa
2015/08/18 The Opium of the People Religion Religion, Marx, Islam, Books
2015/08/08 Unconscious motives Happenings Happenings, Destiny, Crime, Redemption, Chance encounters
2015/07/31 The Gordian Knot Rambling Rambling, Myths, Faith
2015/07/23 Beliefs I: Pursue Your Dreams Zen Zen, Belief, Beyond the I
2015/07/17 The organizing power of words Blessings Blessings, Muse
2015/07/02 From out of silence Books Books, Might-have-beens, Chance Encounters, Happenings, Zen
2015/06/22 Parallel Lives Might-have-beens Might-have-beens, Childhood memoir, Cowes, Isle of Wight, Jaunts
2015/06/18 A trip back Jaunts Jaunts, Isle of Wight, Cowes, Photo-essay
2015/05/12 The Trip Childhood memoir Childhood memoir, The Chilterns, Might-have-beens, Rambling, Holland
2015/05/05 Full Circle Zen Zen, Books, Chance Encounters, Paris, George Whitman, Reminiscence
2015/04/25 Here I am Jaunts Jaunts, Knowing oneself, The Chilterns
2015/04/14 Greater than the sum of the parts Music & video Music & video, Africa, Rambling
2015/04/14 Sleeve notes for “An African Sampler” Music & video Music & video, Africa
2015/04/03 Jua Kali DIY DIY, Africa
2015/03/26 The Horoscope Happenings Happenings, Reminiscence, Chance Encounters
2015/03/24 The bench on St. Michael’s Green Rambling Rambling, Reminiscence, Sacred places, Faith
2015/03/19 Spruce DIY DIY, Pessoa, Rambling, Reminiscence, Literature
2015/03/03 The happy ending Rambling Rambling, Dreams, Childhood memoir
2015/02/14 The God Interviews Books Books, Natalie D’Arbeloff, Theology
2015/02/13 Anam Ċara Books Books, Soul, o’Donohue
2015/02/07 La Vie en Rosé Books Books, Natalie D’Arbeloff
2015/01/29 Why did the R101 crash? Books Books, Technology, Discussion, Politics, Money, History, Intent
2015/01/25 On being an animal Books Books, Animals, David Abram
2015/01/13 Intelligent Design Childhood memoir Childhood memoir, Education, Evolution
2015/01/05 On fresh air alone Books Literature, Reminiscence, Books
2014/12/27 On human behaviour Human nature Human nature, behaviour, intent, evil, Literature
2014/12/14 The Human Condition Books Books, Blessings
2014/11/30 A traveller’s tale Transcripts Transcripts, Pessoa, Wayfaring
2014/11/17 I am not a machine Books Books, Revisions, Rambling, Boden
2014/11/12 My long journey to now Happenings Happenings, Chance Encounters, Books, Boden, Education
2014/11/01 A Moot Point Jaunts Jaunts, Bergson, Harari, The Chilterns, books
2014/10/26 The Call to Service Religion Religion, Church of England, Isle of Wight, Childhood memoir
2014/10/17 “They hold life cheap” Books Books, Politics, War, Armstrong, Churchill
2014/10/13 Fields of Blood Religion Religion, War, Armstrong, Islam
2014/10/09 A ramble through landscape & hypermedia Rambling Rambling, Happenings, The Chilterns, Stevenson, Discovery
2014/10/01 At the Blue Note Café happenings happenings, Glastonbury, Basho, Loreena McKennitt, Buddhism
2014/09/25 From the land of Serendip Pride Pride, Serendipity, Blogosphere, Rambling
2014/09/23 Attitude Pride Pride, Discussion
2014/09/14 Why we do what we do Transcripts Transcripts, Happiness, Harari, Africa, Discussion
2014/09/03 The practice of compassion, part 1 Civilization Civilization, Holiday trips, Dublin, History, Art
2014/08/25 Not for bread alone Jaunts Jaunts, The Chilterns, Bus-rides, Rambling, Happenings
2014/08/22 Stepping on Air Pride Pride,
2014/08/21 Other Places, Other Times Music & video Music & video,
2014/08/13 Stepping aside Music & video Music & video, Jaunts, Disinterestedness, Books
2014/07/18 Rebuilding from within The Chilterns The Chilterns, photo-essay
2014/07/10 In the Middle of Nowhere The Chilterns The Chilterns, photo-essay
2014/06/28 Colloquy Books Books, Memoir, Religion, Redemption, Sojourner Truth, Slavery
2014/06/18 Borneo journal, January 2000 Holiday trips Holiday trips, Borneo, Whisperings, Happenings
2014/06/17 hasty sketch-map Human nature Human nature,
2014/06/12 The Lord is my shepherd Theology Theology, Words, Disinterestedness, Psalms
2014/05/20 To Lawrence Ferlinghetti Books Books, Ferlinghetti
2014/05/13 The Charabanc of Trippers Rambling Rambling, Writing, The Chilterns
2014/05/11 Perspectives & remembrance Jaunts Jaunts, Rambling, The Chilterns, Memory
2014/04/25 Cover story Happenings Happenings, The Chilterns, Serendipity
2014/04/18 32 answers Writing Writing, Anthology, Wayfaring
2014/04/13 The printing-factory Rambling Rambling, Books, Happenings, Childhood memoir, Factories, Writing
2014/04/01 The sun-dial factory The Chilterns The Chilterns, Soul
2014/03/21 On further consideration Human nature Human nature, Ellie Clayton
2014/02/19 Gaia Warriors Transcripts Transcripts, Global warming, Lovelock, Books, Discussion
2014/02/08 A very English view Books Books, Bible, Laurence Binyon, Transcripts, Discussion
2014/02/06 Whereof one cannot speak . . . Spirit Spirit, Wittgenstein, Tom
2013/12/29 Discussion on Education Education Education, Transcripts, Lawrence, Books, Knowing
2013/09/06 Intersecting worlds: The Sun Temple, by B F Spaeth Books Books, Brian Spaeth
2013/08/16 To my literary agent Writing Writing, Rambling, The blogosphere
2013/08/07 Walking on air Rambling Rambling, Transcripts, Amis, Blogosphere, Writing
2013/08/01 Meeting Ghetu Transcripts Transcripts, Ghetu, Fiction
2013/07/29 The Howrah Bridge Palmist Transcripts Transcripts, Ghetu, Fiction
2013/07/21 Inside out: writing up the notes Writing Writing, E-books, Excuses, Muse, Paris
2013/06/14 Park benches, again Jaunts Jaunts, The Chilterns, happenings, Rambling
2013/06/05 Park benches blessings blessings, The Chilterns
2013/05/27 Dreaming of Paris Holiday trips Holiday trips, Paris
2013/05/14 A reader writes Writing Writing, Brian Spaeth
2013/05/10 A kind of miracle Health/Illness Health/Illness, ME/CFS
2013/04/29 Lucid waking Zen Zen,
2013/04/21 Piklu and the Old Man Transcripts Transcripts, Ghetu, Fiction
2013/04/15 Perpetual Lab Knowing oneself Knowing oneself, Writing
2013/04/04 The realm of infinite possibility Moments Moments, Reminiscence
2013/03/22 Blessedness Childhood memoir Childhood memoir, Not-knowing, \Buddhism, Blessedness
2013/03/20 Work in Progress Transcripts Transcripts, van Gogh, Photo-essay
2013/03/11 At sixteen Transcripts Transcripts, Childhood memoir, Racism, Isle of Wight
2013/03/09 Me and the Little Rock Nine Rambling Rambling, Childhood memoir, Racism, Isle of Wight
2013/03/04 Hope Dreams Dreams, Rambling, Memory, Jaunts
2013/02/16 Sleeper Class Transcripts Transcripts, Ghetu, Fiction
2013/01/29 Muddy boots Human nature Human nature, Morality, Tolerance, Plato, Happiness
2013/01/20 Dawn Zen Zen, Meditation
2012/12/28 Second chances Zen Zen, Benoit, Buddhism, Terence Gray
2012/12/13 A comatose fridge, and whatever’s meant to be DIY DIY, Theology, Rambling, Religion
2012/12/02 Presence: the numinous in everyday life Rambling Rambling, Books, Spirit, Meditation
2012/11/19 The Evolution of God Theology Theology, Books
2012/11/01 The View from Nowhere Books Books, Philosophy, Thomas Nagel
2012/10/12 Through handwriting to Eternity Writing Writing, Books, Blogosphere, Arthur Stace, Herman Hesse
2012/09/20 In Memoriam: Derek Helman Happenings Happenings, Chance Encounters, Memory, Reminiscence
2012/09/12 Wayfaring Photo-essay Photo-essay, Jaunts, Rambling, The Chilterns
2012/08/27 Elemental Holiday trips Holiday trips, Wales, Animals, Writing
2012/08/12 Art is more than life Art Art, Films, Happenings, The Soloist
2012/08/06 Acknowledgements the Blogosphere the Blogosphere, Rambling
2012/08/02 Live by the pen, die by the pen Writing Writing, Blogosphere, John Muir, Natalie Goldberg, Nicholson Baker
2012/07/15 The Magic Fence The Chilterns The Chilterns, Blessings
2012/06/29 Letters to the Universe Writing Writing, Books, Blogosphere, Arthur Stace, Herman Hesse
2012/06/23 Everything Desires Evolution Evolution,
2012/06/08 Everything Knows Transcripts Transcripts, Ghetu, Fiction, Blake
2012/05/20 Whithersoever Jaunts Jaunts, The Chilterns, Rambling, Beyond the I
2012/05/09 Bach & Blackbird Art Art, John Cowper Powys, Blackbirds, Bach
2012/05/05 Film Noir Films Films, Photo-essay
2012/05/03 Binding a Joy Literature Literature, Blake, Rupert Brooke
2012/04/29 Towards The Book of Disquiet Rambling Rambling, Writing, Pessoa, Knowing oneself
2012/04/18 My invitation to a close encounter Religion Religion, John Cowper Powys, Pessoa, Happenings
2012/04/13 Night Navigation Dreams Dreams,
2012/04/09 Home, James! Happenings Happenings, Technology
2012/03/27 Art and Life 1 … FIlms FIlms, Connectedness of all things, Zen
2012/03/17 The Tree of Life Films Films, Paradise Lost, Paula’s House of Toast
2012/03/12 Evolution Rambling Rambling, Books, Darwin, Miss T
2012/03/05 Let Spring be my muse The Chilterns The Chilterns, Seasons, Nature, Rambling
2012/02/28 Sunday morning, late February
2012/02/25 With a pinch of salt blessings blessings, belief, truth, disputation
2012/02/21 My dream project
2012/02/18 In 1976, the mighty ‘System’ is predicted
2012/02/16 1976: the prizewinning Lawless prophecy Transcripts Transcripts, Computers, working life, Times past
2012/02/15 Prophetic words from 1976
2012/02/08 Hitching to Heaven
2012/01/29 The book as a sacred space
2012/01/23 Sacred Places
2012/01/16 Drifting away
2011/12/29 Scintillating scotoma Rambling Rambling, Illness & health
2011/12/22 One Minute, Please
2011/12/15 In memory of George Whitman, 1913-2011
2011/12/12 What is the greatest invention of all time? Transcripts Transcripts, Discussion, Theology
2011/12/04 John Gray’s Straw Dogs
2011/11/30 The Fool
2011/11/27 Garden of Remembrance
2011/11/11 The interconnectedness of all things
2011/10/25 Stepping Out
2011/10/02 Becoming Animal
2011/09/25 Infinite are the depths
2011/09/18 Falling into place
2011/09/10 Magic
2011/08/30 Gilgamesh: book for our time
2011/08/19 Another project
2011/08/11 Capturing the moment
2011/07/31 Life-illusion
2011/07/29 Mission
2011/07/18 Reading Might-have-beens Might-have-beens, Books, Updike
2011/07/16 Sisyphus & the Rolling Stone – part 4
2011/07/13 Unreasonable Reason Reason, Amis, Shestov, Camus
2011/07/04 Homer’s Odyssey Books Books, Homer, Translation
2011/07/02 For Fox Sake Photo-essay Photo-essay, Art, Sculpture
2011/07/01 Bus and canal Jaunts Jaunts, Books, Pessoa, Amis
2011/06/26 Affinity Jaunts Jaunts, Fernando Pessoa
2011/06/15 Dreaming spires Jaunts Jaunts, Oxford, Choicelessness, Hitchens, Might-have-beens, John Cowper Powys
2011/06/11 Sun-blessed
2011/06/04 In the thistle field, at dawn
2011/05/27 Lisbon Holiday trips Holiday trips, Photo-essay. Pessoa
2011/05/17 Possessed by a god
2011/05/10 Your diary
2011/05/07 Free spirits of the future
2011/05/04 Cowes Politics Politics, Cowes
2011/04/27 Groping blindly
2011/04/20 Not trying too hard
2011/04/18 The moment
2011/04/15 The search for meaning Books Books, Darwin, Frankl
2011/04/09 Keeper of souls
2011/04/06 Southward Photo-essay Photo-essay, The Chilterns
2011/04/01 Unfettered
2011/03/22 Books Rambling Rambling, Books, Annie Dillard, Helen Keller, Richard Bach
2011/03/16 Wittgenstein
2011/03/12 Annie Dillard
2011/03/03 Reason to celebrate
2011/02/25 On the trail
2011/02/23 Pilgrimage
2011/02/17 The Phoenix Trail (railway track reborn as cyclepath) Photo-essay Photo-essay,
2011/02/15 Seven stylish things
2011/02/14 A moment Moments Moments, Slugs & snails
2011/02/12 Preface Mark III
2011/02/07 The yet-to-be-invented eWriter
2011/02/05 Reading, writing and publishing
2011/02/01 The walk to Marlow
2011/01/18 Man creates God Theology Theology,
2011/01/16 The worm in the apple Rambling Rambling, Theology
2011/01/10 The anointing of Saul Religion Religion, Bible
2011/01/07 On reading the Bible Religion Religion, Bible
2011/01/07 The Boy Samuel Religion Religion, Bible
2011/01/02 Sisyphus and the Rolling Stone (3) Transcripts Transcripts, Translation, Camus
2010/12/24 On Christmas Eve
2010/12/23 Happiness machine
2010/12/21 Preface Mark II
2010/12/18 Preface
2010/12/07 Manageable pretensions
2010/11/17 Lambs and Us
2010/11/13 Sisyphus and the Rolling Stone (2)
2010/11/08 Sisyphus and the Rolling Stone (1)
2010/10/26 Creation myth Evolution Evolution,
2010/10/21 The Denial of Death, by Ernest Becker
2010/10/17 The Joker Chuang Tzu
2010/10/05 Angels Angels Angels,
2010/10/03 Making a start
2010/09/30 Pygmalion & Galatea
2010/09/18 The secret life of strangers Happenings Happenings, Beyond the I
2010/09/17 Priesthoods at war
2010/09/14 The Golden Ball
2010/09/05 Improvisation
2010/09/02 Views of the Chilterns
2010/08/30 Meditation on death
2010/08/23 Angst
2010/08/17 Panspermia
2010/08/17 Panspermia (link only)
2010/08/16 Short short story competition
2010/08/12 Aylesbury walkabout Jaunts Jaunts, Aylesbury, Rambling
2010/08/06 Homing instinct
2010/08/01 Bird-talk
2010/07/31 Graffiti Jaunts Jaunts, Graffiti, Excerpts & links, Instinct
2010/07/29 Caterpillar (2) The Chilterns The Chilterns, Caterpillars
2010/07/27 Whosoever will
2010/07/21 On pets
2010/07/18 Gerrards Cross
2010/07/10 The visionary eye
2010/07/09 Cornfields, near Amersham Old Town
2010/07/01 Kin
2010/06/26 Everything (but the kitchen sink) Rambling Rambling, DIY, Soul, Perfection
2010/06/17 Eternity The Chilterns The Chilterns, Eternity, Arthur Stace, Childhood memoir
2010/06/15 4-leaf clover Jaunts Jaunts, Family, Serendipity
2010/06/10 A modest school reunion
2010/06/08 Under the Umbrella Tree
2010/06/02 The Blue Sea
2010/05/15 Climb the lowest mountain
2010/05/03 Addendum for Keiko & ZACL
2010/05/03 Back home in Blighty
2010/04/27 Jamaican Album Holiday trips Holiday trips, Jamaica
2010/04/24 Ninety minutes in New York
2010/04/20 From Jamaica Holiday trips Holiday trips, Happenings, Chance Encounters, Jamaica
2010/04/07 In that place
2010/04/01 Amber
2010/03/31 James Lovelock – transcript of radio interview
2010/03/21 Note to A—
2010/03/13 Wayfaring again Rambling Rambling, The Chilterns
2010/03/07 Rewriting the past
2010/03/05 Not knowing
2010/02/19 Like an artist’s brush Writing Writing, moods
2010/02/12 Eternity
2010/01/26 Night and Day
2010/01/17 Theatre of life
2010/01/12 The folly of a clown
2010/01/04 Life’s predicament Animals Animals, Instinct, The Chilterns
2009/12/31 The slug, my ancestor
2009/12/23 The angelic impostor
2009/12/06 Winter visit to Cowes Photo-essay Photo-essay, Cowes, Isle of Wight
2009/11/28 The pocket diarist
2009/11/21 Out of the limelight
2009/11/13 The world Rambling Rambling, Childhood memoir, Concepts, Baggage
2009/11/10 Unto the hills 2 Moments Moments, The Chilterns, Jaunts, Writing, Mortality
2009/11/06 The pull of heredity
2009/10/30 Illusion
2009/10/20 Literature’s miraculous god-child
2009/10/13 Here
2009/10/07 Order
2009/09/27 One’s own backyard
2009/09/25 Fernando Pessoa
2009/09/15 Tooting Broadway dude Jaunts Jaunts, Dudes
2009/09/12 Heaven-haven Jaunts Jaunts, Cowes, Tennyson, Gerard Manley Hopkins
2009/09/06 X: the unknown
2009/09/03 Unseen foe
2009/09/01 The moment
2009/08/23 Body consciousness
2009/08/21 Nightmare
2009/08/20 Blessings for all Blessings Blessings,
2009/08/04 The Abyss
2009/07/25 Profusion
2009/07/20 Laughing water
2009/07/14 What I want to see in the world Knowing oneself Knowing oneself, Gandhi, Grace, Dignity, Discussion
2009/07/06 Risk Assessment
2009/07/04 Archaeologist The Chilterns The Chilterns, Moments
2009/06/24 the senses Spirit Spirit, Gurus, Office Life
2009/06/10 Dawn Song
2009/05/28 This blessed plot Rambling Rambling, Blessedness, Childhood memoir, Cowes, Isle of Wight, history, holiday trips
2009/05/16 Enhancing the sky The Chilterns The Chilterns, Prayer
2009/05/10 David’s fig-leaf Art Art, Chance Encounters, Florence, Happenings
2009/05/04 Waiting
2009/04/26 Art, not Nature Art Art, Théophile Gautier, Writing, Muse
2009/04/21 The Muse is a jealous mistress
2009/04/09 The Faculty of Wonder
2009/04/08 Microcosm
2009/04/01 Wanting
2009/03/30 Parallel paths
2009/03/18 Pandora’s box
2009/03/12 Intrepid Victorians (2)
2009/03/11 Intrepid Victorians
2009/03/07 The long journey to now
2009/03/05 Journey back
2009/03/02 Portrait of Two Kings
2009/02/25 Touched by the printed word
2009/02/12 Memoirs (continued): At Mrs Jenkins’
2009/02/10 evangelist
2009/02/05 In the footsteps of Basho
2009/02/03 Metaphors
2009/01/20 Beginnings
2009/01/16 The persistence of selfhood
2009/01/11 Me and the Kenyan Mau-Mau
2009/01/04 the Centaur
2009/01/01 Flight and pursuit
2008/12/18 Ghetu files a new story
2008/12/15 Plunging in where angels fear to tread
2008/12/08 Odd jottings
2008/12/08 Retracing
2008/11/29 Take nothing for granted
2008/11/23 After rain
2008/11/18 Hilltop reverie
2008/11/13 Valley reverie
2008/11/09 Remembrance Sunday
2008/11/06 Political Colours
2008/11/02 Dress code
2008/10/26 Interconnected
2008/10/22 Boundless
2008/10/18 Valley creatures
2008/10/13 Liking and disliking Writing Writing, Montaigne, Pessoa, Anne Frank, Blogosphere
2008/10/11 Angels in heavy disguise happenings happenings, Angels
2008/09/29 Diogenes and Alexander
2008/09/27 Memory’s Carillon
2008/09/24 Toreador
2008/09/22 Wayfaring
2008/09/19 The lure of literature
2008/09/15 Adieu Lehman Brother
2008/09/15 Resuming normality
2008/09/09 Bonfire of the vanities
2008/09/06 Grim Vista
2008/09/02 Cowes horizons Photo-essay Photo-essay, Cowes
2008/08/31 News of the fight soon reached the Queen
2008/08/30 Only the bicycle shed still stands
2008/08/29 Coming back to East Cowes Rambling Rambling, Isle of Wight, Jaunts, Writing
2008/08/28 Pilgrimage to Cowes
2008/08/09 In the industrial valley
2008/08/06 Intrinsic goodness
2008/07/29 Things take time to ripen
2008/07/23 Missing the past
2008/07/17 Seeing from a height
2008/07/10 Lucky
2008/07/08 Blazing a trail
2008/07/04 Hole in the head
2008/06/25 Dwelling in one’s tribe Rambling Rambling, Jaunts
2008/06/23 Country walk The Chilterns The Chilterns, Photo-essay
2008/06/17 Downsized
2008/06/11 Accompaniment
2008/05/27 Back in the rain
2008/05/17 Rainy Day
2008/05/14 Slough
2008/05/13 Religion in public life
2008/05/09 Unblocking The Chilterns The Chilterns, Religion, Credo, Jaunts, Childhood memoir
2008/05/01 Free as a Bird
2008/04/29 Cherry tree
2008/04/25 Brain damage Rambling Rambling, Serendipity
2008/04/18 Stories of animal sagacity
2008/04/13 Something of the Night
2008/04/08 Purpose
2008/04/01 The constant spring
2008/03/29 Bus Ride Rambling Rambling,
2008/03/26 Slugs
2008/03/23 Ant & slug The Chilterns The Chilterns, Childhood memoir, Slugs & snails, Times past
2008/03/14 Dignity Rambling Rambling, Books, Ethics, Gaia
2008/03/09 Bus Station
2008/02/29 Belonging
2008/02/23 The Snowdrop Garden
2008/02/09 Cherrydown (3) Childhood memoir Childhood memoir, Age 14, Isle of Wight
2008/02/06 Cherrydown (2) Childhood memoir Childhood memoir, Age 14, Isle of Wight
2008/02/03 Cherrydown (1) Childhood memoir Childhood memoir, Age 14, Isle of Wight
2008/02/02 Unwritten rules
2008/01/31 Head’s sermon, St Thomas’s Church, July 1958
2008/01/30 Wisdom of the body
2008/01/28 Lion and thorn
2008/01/27 Nietzsche
2008/01/21 The God-question (3)
2008/01/19 The God-question (2)
2008/01/17 Seeking the sun
2008/01/15 The God-question (1)
2008/01/14 The New Pub
2008/01/12 MaxiRam revisited
2008/01/08 Fevered interlude
2008/01/07 Fog on the Solent (Norfolk House 5) Childhood memoir Childhood memoir, Age 13, Isle of Wight, Cowes
2008/01/06 Norfolk House 4: Vignettes
2008/01/05 Norfolk House 3: the Back Story
2008/01/04 The train scribbler Writing Writing, Might-have-beens
2008/01/03 Norfolk House 2
2008/01/02 Norfolk House 1
2008/01/01 January 1st, 2008
2007/12/31 Problem solved
2007/12/26 Writing instrument Writing Writing, moods
2007/12/25 Christmas 1944
2007/12/20 Angel story in reverse
2007/12/18 The Ventilator Cowl
2007/12/15 Vincent van Gogh
2007/12/12 Under Western Eyes
2007/12/08 Clothesline Rambling Rambling, Clothesline, Lawrence Ferlinghetti
2007/12/04 The Secret Agent
2007/12/01 Elemental
2007/11/30 Preferring the old telephones
2007/11/28 Not doing and not writing
2007/11/26 Back to the memoirs
2007/11/23 The Word
2007/11/21 To him that knocketh
2007/11/20 Angelic Omen
2007/11/18 Out of the window
2007/11/16 The present
2007/11/08 Ecstasy and unreason
2007/10/30 Hope
2007/10/28 Steppenwolf
2007/10/25 An ordinary valley
2007/10/18 Being ordinary
2007/10/15 Root and Flower
2007/10/13 Joy of home
2007/09/28 Views
2007/09/26 Settling in
2007/09/14 The school yard
2007/09/13 The man who was not my father
2007/09/13 Uniforms
2007/09/12 In 1955
2007/09/11 The Paradox of Memory
2007/09/09 My new school
2007/09/08 He was a veray parfit gentil knight*
2007/09/07 Beach party Childhood memoir Childhood memoir, Age 12, Isle of Wight
2007/09/06 The Wings of Fate Childhood memoir Childhood memoir, Age 12, Isle of Wight
2007/09/04 Machines and Words
2007/09/01 Leaving Maxiram
2007/08/26 Peter and Johnny
2007/08/21 The Wooing of Blackett
2007/08/19 Blackett and the Princess childhood memoir childhood memoir, age 10-12, Isle of Wight, Serendipity
2007/08/18 Sunlit Ecstasy
2007/08/15 Interlude
2007/08/14 Woodside
2007/08/11 The Naturist
2007/08/08 Round and Round the Pampas Grass
2007/08/07 The Book of Illuminations
2007/08/05 Bicycle
2007/08/04 Life on Board
2007/08/01 Games I played
2007/08/01 Guilty
2007/07/28 Mr Sudell
2007/07/28 Police thriller
2007/07/27 Back Home & some pastimes
2007/07/25 Privacy
2007/07/22 Released
2007/07/20 Incarcerated
2007/07/17 Self-immolation
2007/07/15 Ship of Dreams
2007/07/10 How I came to be born – Part 2
2007/07/10 How I came to be born: part 3
2007/07/07 How I came to be born: Part 1
2007/07/06 Eager cupped hands Childhood memoirAge 0-4 Childhood memoirAge 0-4,
2007/07/04 Early childhood
2007/07/03 Fearlessness
2007/06/30 Litter
2007/06/30 Vistas and moments Moments Moments, Jaunts, Portmeirion, Memory
2007/06/25 Goodbye to sitting cross-legged
2007/06/23 Keeping company with blockheads
2007/06/21 The Holy Ghost
2007/06/17 To Paul, from Vincent
2007/06/13 Unfair to rats Moods Rats
2007/06/13 Unfair to rats Moods Rats
2007/06/10 Burden of gold Writing Ghetu
2007/06/10 Burden of gold Writing Ghetu
2007/06/05 The Madman’s Idea Renewal Ordinariness
2007/06/05 The Madman’s Idea Renewal Ordinariness
2007/05/31 The “Nothing Girl” Sex John Cowper Powys
2007/05/31 The “Nothing Girl” Sex John Cowper Powys
2007/05/24 The Deck of Cards Sex Childhood memoir
2007/05/24 The Deck of Cards Sex Childhood memoir
2007/05/23 The complaints department responds . . . Sex Ghetu
2007/05/23 The complaints department responds . . . Sex Ghetu
2007/05/20 Instinctive response Knowing oneself Graffiti
2007/05/20 Instinctive response Knowing oneself Graffiti
2007/05/19 Human animal Ordinariness Descartes, Evolution
2007/05/19 Human animal Ordinariness Descartes, Evolution
2007/05/13 Unimaginable Epiphanies Outdoors
2007/05/13 Unimaginable Epiphanies Outdoors
2007/05/09 Death before dishonour Moments Male psyche, Childhood memoir
2007/05/09 Death before dishonour Moments Male psyche, Childhood memoir
2007/05/07 Nostalgia Breaking wild Childhood memoir
2007/05/07 Nostalgia Breaking wild Childhood memoir
2007/05/02 Ducklings Animals Happenings, Trust in nature
2007/05/02 Ducklings Animals Happenings, Trust in nature
2007/04/27 Fay ce que vouldras Breaking wild Graffiti, Rabelais
2007/04/27 Fay ce que vouldras Breaking wild Graffiti, Rabelais
2007/04/24 Pregnant thoughts Moments Breaking wild
2007/04/24 Pregnant thoughts Moments Breaking wild
2007/04/22 One thought
2007/04/18 Aboriginal tirade
2007/04/12 Love to all
2007/04/09 Reverie on the edge
2007/04/07 Omnes Veniant – Let them all come!
2007/04/05 Golden thread / Cadet
2007/03/31 Not actually written at my desk
2007/03/26 Flowers of Grass
2007/03/24 Delirium
2007/03/20 Magic and holiness
2007/03/19 Prophecies The Chilterns The Chilterns, Sunflowers, Immediate reality
2007/03/18 Leaving space on the stage
2007/03/13 Yellow
2007/03/07 Renouncing the Partial
2007/03/03 Springtime
2007/02/28 Pedestrian ideas
2007/02/26 Covenant
2007/02/21 Stairway to Heaven
2007/02/18 Managing my time on earth
2007/02/15 Efficacious Rituals
2007/02/12 Exposed & Hanging On Rambling Rambling, Working life, Mysteries
2007/02/10 Witchcraft?
2007/02/06 Adapting
2007/02/03 The Butterfly Phase
2007/02/01 Watercress, Angels (& Slingblade)
2007/01/30 Under new management (sort of)
2007/01/28 Ritual and reason The Chilterns The Chilterns, Sacred places, Sunflowers
2007/01/24 Mission to Babylon Jaunts Jaunts,
2007/01/21 Linked case histories
2007/01/18 On looking out of the window
2007/01/17 Placebo
2007/01/15 Why pain?
2007/01/14 Community The Chilterns The Chilterns, Community
2007/01/09 Manifesto
2007/01/08 Dawn today
2007/01/07 Eccentric and mediocre
2007/01/05 Confession
2007/01/05 The Train, Mozart and Angels
2007/01/03 The art of the possible
2007/01/01 January 1st 2007 Writing Writing, sunflowers
2006/12/31 Angelic brightness
2006/12/28 Divine anarchy Theology Theology, “wasp honey”, Angels, not-knowing, vocation
2006/12/27 Wasp honey
2006/12/23 Angels and us
2006/12/20 In the days of low sun
2006/12/18 The poignant past
2006/12/13 Time consumes, art distils
2006/12/11 Still life
2006/12/10 In the bleak midwinter
2006/12/07 Wildfire (2)
2006/12/05 Wildfire (1)
2006/12/04 Why do ladybirds have spots?
2006/11/30 Fragile
2006/11/29 The Human Condition
2006/11/25 “What Grandma told me…”
2006/11/21 “Distinguish what’s real”
2006/11/17 Maslow’s pyramid
2006/11/16 Travelling light
2006/11/14 Baggage
2006/11/12 95th Thesis
2006/11/11 94th Thesis
2006/11/08 Virtual gardens
2006/11/02 New morning
2006/10/18 Water Knowing oneself Knowing oneself,
2006/10/10 Spirit
2006/10/03 Two absurd testaments
2006/09/28 Hornet’s nest
2006/09/28 Modest ambitions
2006/09/26 The only gay in the village
2006/09/19 Why do we blog? (1)
2006/09/17 Vincent vs. Pope Benedict
2006/09/15 Knowing
2006/09/12 Knowledge
2006/09/10 Hurried post*
2006/09/08 Pheasant
2006/09/05 What is soul?
2006/09/03 Is soul poured into flesh?
2006/09/01 I am an animal
2006/08/31 School of imperialism
2006/08/28 From a nest of terrorists (3)
2006/08/26 Going it alone
2006/08/24 Head in the clouds
2006/08/18 Flat-Bottomed Clouds
2006/08/18 From a nest of terrorists (2)
2006/08/15 Magical Versus Logical
2006/08/14 The Office
2006/08/12 From a nest of terrorists
2006/08/10 Blackberry jam
2006/08/10 Blackberry jam – sequel
2006/08/08 Manifesto
2006/08/04 Outsider
2006/08/02 What makes me uneasy **
2006/07/30 Opposing views
2006/07/25 Ripening
2006/07/20 What makes the world go round
2006/07/19 Oily hands The Chilterns The Chilterns, Goodness
2006/07/15 Wake up!
2006/07/13 Image and ecstasy
2006/07/11 Responsibility
2006/07/09 Tragic death of a camera
2006/07/08 Bledlow Ridge
2006/07/08 Seagulls
2006/07/02 Sex therapy
2006/06/28 Caterpillar
2006/06/24 Spiritual Spirit Spirit, Pastels
2006/06/21 Zorba the Greek books books, films, theology
2006/06/19 The Cosmic Ordering Service Spirit Spirit, Books
2006/06/17 A grave mystery unearthed happenings happenings, walks
2006/06/16 Intimations of immortality Moments Moments, Oily yard
2006/06/08 Blog, blag, brag the Blogosphere the Blogosphere,
2006/06/07 Some pizza has arrived Spirit Spirit,
2006/06/03 What civilization has to answer for Civilization Civilization,
2006/05/31 Personal working assumption Spirit Spirit,
2006/05/30 Angels and Grace Angels Angels,
2006/05/29 “But I do believe in Grace” the Blogosphere the Blogosphere,
2006/05/27 Lust for life Films Films, van Gogh, Books
2006/05/25 His face fell Spirit Spirit, Happenings
2006/05/24 Depth
2006/05/22 The word “spiritual”
2006/05/20 Ducks
2006/05/19 Last temptation
2006/05/17 Jung – short of idolatry
2006/05/16 In praise of inchoate reality
2006/05/14 Is it just evolution?
2006/05/12 Are you a non-believer?
2006/05/12 The bluebell wood
2006/05/11 New Age Beliefs?
2006/05/11 Sacrifice and Conscience
2006/05/09 Learning how to live
2006/05/08 Suffusion of yellow
2006/05/08 Wet day
2006/05/07 What experiment?
2006/05/06 Spring unfolds (2)
2006/05/06 Talk that never was
2006/04/26 Spring
2006/04/26 Talk that never was
2006/04/26 The advice industry
2006/04/24 Do I have an immortal soul?
2006/04/23 Do fish have souls?
2006/04/19 To the reader